VICKERLUBE FG MULTI-TAK is a high temperature pharmaceutical white oil based, bentonite clay thickened, none metallic food grade assembly, anti-seize and open gear lubricant. It is registered to H1 for incidental food contact for use in and around food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing and production areas.


It is designed for use on components and machinery in the food and clean industries operating at high temperatures. The product has extremely high temperature resistance and high load carrying properties. It is ideal for anti-seize applications where high temperature and humidity are present as well as an excellent lubricant for open gears and rack and pinion type applications. The solid additives, including PTFE, give enhanced protection against wear and load.

Applications include: –

  • Threads
  • Open Gears
  • Studs and flanges
  • Slides and guides
  • Cams and followers
  • Heavy Duty sliding surfaces


VICKERLUBE FG MULTI-TAK is H1 Registered for incidental food contact, Halal Certified, Kosher Certified, manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21469.


H1 Registered Safe to use where incidental food contact may occur
Aluminium Complex Thickener Excellent water resistance
Extremely low water washout Increased relubrication intervals
PTFE fortified Excellent wear resistance
Extreme Pressure properties Good load carrying, protection against shock loads
Oxidation and corrosion inhibited Increases life & protects parts against corrosion